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Thank you for attending the Ordeal Make Up Weekend.  Alot of work was done around Camp Mountaineer for the winter season.  All of the tents are now stored, additional wood cut for Ox Roast, buildings cleaned, and we now have additional 9 new Ordeal Members for the Lodge.  Chief Mark and his staff produce a great weekend.  The Ranger made several comments how please he was with all of the work the OA preformed. 

See you all at the Fall Ox Roast workday, Saturday, October 13th 9 am to 2 pm,  and Ox Roast, Sunday, October 14th from noon to 6 pm.  If you are able to help us with these dates please send an email to the Chief about when you can be there helping.

Ordeal Candiates and Brotherhood Candiates

Make-up weekend is an opportunity to seal your membership by becoming a Brotherhood member and the last chance for Ordeal Candidates to seal your membership in the Order of the Arrow.  Ordeal Candidate:  If you do not attend this weekend and you haven’t taken your Ordeal, you will not be able to join this year.  Plus, you will have to be re-elected by your Troop next year to join the Order.

This will take place on the third weekend in September (21-23).  Candidates will need  working clothes, gloves, arrow, loincloth, Field Uniform - Class A - (complete as possible), sleeping bag, tarp, $45.00 (covers your 2012-2013 dues, your OA handbook, your sash, patch, and food).

 During the Make-up Ordeal Weekend, Ordeal members may take the time to do their Brotherhood.  Check with Mark or Larry about when the class will be given.  Remember you need 10 months as an Ordeal member to do your Brotherhood.  The cost will be $30 (covers your Sash, patch, and food for weekend). 

For members the cost will be $15.00 (covers meals and lodging) you will also need your sash, work clothing, gloves, change of shoes, sleeping bag, tarp, and $15.00.  During the Ordeal, members and Ordeal Candidates will go around the camp and help improve the camp and get the camp ready for the winter season.  We hope to see all of you out at Camp Mountaineer at 6:00 pm. All else will remain a mystery for the candidates’ benefit.


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