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popcorn-timeThere are plenty of good reasons for your Scouts to take part in the annual popcorn fundraiser! Besides the money that can be earned for camp and Scouting activities throughout the year, Scouts learn valuable skills like teamwork, goal setting, time management and salesmanship - just to name a few.

On this resource page, you will find useful information to aid you and your unit in the popcorn sale and, as always, the council is here to help answer any questions that you may have.

Council Key to create a unit profile on www.prpopcorn.com is 615MAC. This site will allow you to commit to the sale, order your popcorn, and register scouts for the Winner's Circle.
Note: If your unit is not available as an option during account creation, an account has already been created. 

You'll find the "Popcorn Take Order Form and Item Descriptions" PDF at the bottom of this page.

2017 Popcorn Sale Key Dates

  • Council Kickoff: August 10th
  • Create unit account at www.prpopcorn.com
  • Distribute Take Order Forms and Take to Work Table Tents to Scouts
  • Popcorn Take Order Sale Begins: August 19th
  • Units Commit to the Sale Online: By August 24th
  • Show & Sell Orders Due: August 31st
  • Show & Sell Pickup (Speedway Tire, Fairmont): September 14th
  • Take Orders Due to Council: October 26th
  • Prize Orders Due to Council: October 26th
  • Popcorn Pickup (Camp Mountaineer Maintenance Building): November 9th
  • Payment Due to Council: December 1st

Incentives - Top Unit Commission is 37%!

  • 30% Base Commission
  • 2% Attend Unit Training (Council Kickoff)
  • 2% Increase Unit Sales By 10% ($1,000 minimum; Applies only to Show & Sell and Take Order Sales)
  • 1% Commit to the Popcorn Sale by August 24th (create unit profile on prpopcorn.com)
  • 1% Hold a Unit Show & Sell
  • 1% Post Dated Check at Popcorn Pickup

Selling Tips

  • A Scout is prepared...always have an extra pen or pencil to keep your Take Order form as neat as possible.     
  • A Scout is kind...always say "Thank You", even if the customer does not place an order.
  • A Scout is courteous...always be polite; wear a smile and introduce yourself.     
  • A Scout is friendly...always smile!
  • A Scout is trustworthy...be honest when telling a customer how great the product really is.
  • A Scout is loyal...never give up!
  • A Scout is clean...make sure you always wear your uniform.
  • When you are selling, tell the people what the money goes toward.
  • A Scout is cheerful....call the customer by his or her name if you know it.
  • Make sure you know all the different types of products you're selling.


  • Always sell in pairs accompanied by an adult.        
  • Never carry large amounts of cash with you.
  • Never enter anyone's house alone.         
  • Never sell after dark unless you are with an adult.

Unit Resources

  1. Unit Popcorn System Login
  2. Scout Boss: Web Based Ordering System Video
  3. Scout Boss Navigation with Pictures PDF
  4. Kernel Tracker: Phone App Video
  5. Sales Tools & Helpful Tips (Military Donation Receipts, Sorry We Missed You Cards, Popcorn Receipts, Tasting Kit Name Cards, etc.)
  6. Four Ways to Sell
  7. Online Sales
  8. Online Sales - Unit Kernels
  9. Online Sales - Scouts
  10. Nutritional Information
  11. Council Kickoff Presentation PDF
  12. Grandfathered Scholarship Recipient Form
  13. Scout Sales Script
  14. Overcoming Buying Objections
  15. Overcoming Selling Objections
  16. Popcorn Take Order Form & Item Descriptions
  17. Seller Prizes
  18. Unit Prize Order Form (Assists Kernals with compiling prize orders prior to web entry)
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