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Changes for 2017-2018 (released following the Fall Scouting Kickoff)

  1. Pack meeting and activities—Now Lion families may individually decide to participate in more (than the 2-3 required meetings) as desired. Packs should look for ways to actively involve the Lions and include them in program, skits, etc. Lions want more Pack involvement.
  2. Pinewood Derby—This is now a Pack decision, it can be open to Lions if the Pack chooses. Three options are recommended.
    1) Integrate Lions into Pack with Cub Scouts as Pack decides.
    2) Use the wedge car from the Scout Shop to eliminate cutting.
    3) Have Lions do a Veggie Car Derby—information on scouting.org/lion
  3. Fundraising—This is now a family option. Fundraising and mandatory levels are not required. Some parents do want to have the individual option to fundraise. If popcorn is sold by Lions then Show and Sell with older boys and parents would be the preference, door to door selling needs the parents at the Lions’ side. Spring Fundraising is the better selection.

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