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January 16, 17, 18, 2009

Camp Mountaineer

Free camping Friday night for those troops wanting to do some winter camping.

The theme is Gold Rush 2009. There will be new events to compete in and several twists incorporating the theme that will surely keep everyone’s interest. Each patrol will tour towns of the old northwest territory gathering supplies and goods while competing in one of 9 different events!

*Attire appropriate for outdoor winter camping is required.
***Remember that camp can be several degrees colder than lower elevations and that you WILL be outdoors at all times.

Events start at 9:00 am Saturday / check-in begins at 8:00

In accordance with BSA Outdoor Guidelines, Webelos are invited to visit on Saturday. ($8.00 for program and patch)

Please bring one can of soup per participant. .  .  . (please no “cream” style soups)

Please call, email or fax the office by January 14th to pre-register.  Cost is $10 per scout and adults coming in on Friday  $8.00 if only coming on Saturday.

(For supplies, awards, cracker barrel, lunch, new GPS unit and patch)

Free Camping for any unit that wants to do a little winter camping.

Stay January 16 and/or 17th and enjoy beautiful wintry Camp Mountaineer.

Dinner is on your own, but we will provide a Cracker Barrel starting at 8:30 Friday night, followed by other activities!  Lights out at 11:00

Dining Hall will be open for emergency warming station....

Great Yukon Race 2009 List of Items for Sleds

Patrol                                                                 Each Patrol Member
Sled                                                                   sleeping bag
Rope                                                                  pocket knife
2 thicknesses 50' + of each                                  flash light
tent(s)                                                                extra set of dry clothing
ax/hatchet                                                          backpack/ground cloth
10 matches                                                        1 can of soup per participant
cooking pot
first aid kit
empty “potable” water jug
tinder for fire building (no accelerants)  
Scout Handbook might be handy

Great Yukon Race Schedule

Friday evening

5-8:30 pm  Check-in Dining Hall

8:40 – 11 pm Cracker Barrel
9 pm Movie and Gaming starts

11 pm Return to Campsites and Lights out

Breakfast on your own
Break camp early enough to load your sled appropriately for the day’s competition

8:00 – 8:45 am  Registration and check-in for Troops not camping

9:00  am Load Your Sled Run-off for Iditarod pole position.  EGGS will serve as the “medicine”.
Winner of the “load your sled” will go first.  Second place leaves 2 minutes later third place 2 minutes later and so with remaining teams leaving at 2 minute intervals.

9:30 – 12:30– Iditarod Race
    Iditarod Trail check points will be as follows:             
        Juneau (Dining Hall)            Meet the Governor
        Nome (Blackfoot)            Jeopardy
        Point Hope (Sioux)            Gold Rush
        Barrow (Green Acres)            Wood Chopping
        Prudhoe Bay (Apache)            Inuit Life
        Fairbanks (Chapel)            Lost in Alaska (GPS / Orienteering)
        Anchorage (Seneca)            “to build a fire”
        Kodiak Island (Cheyenne)        First Aid
        Dutch Harbor (Water Front)        Deadliest Catch

At each checkpoint teams will asked to perform a task.  Upon completion of task they will be given a token to show that they have been to that checkpoint. They must carry their EGG with them on their entire journey.

12:30 Noon Lunch Provided in Dining Hall (remember that can of soup?)

1:30- 3:30 “Settling in for winter” event…   don’t forget your EGG…
    Timed event that will include:
        Set up Campsite
            Building Fire

Closing Ceremony


Saturday, each Patrol (Patrols of at least 3 no more than 10) competing will be asked to demonstrate knowledge in the following skill areas and will be judged based on their level of performance:

Load Your Sled a Shuttle Run Relay - This is a timed shuttle run relay where each team member retrieves an item and secures it to the sled with a knot or lashing.  Remember this is a timed event.   

1).    Juneau (Dining Hall)            Meet the Governor
2).    Nome (Blackfoot)            Jeopardy
3).    Point Hope (Sioux)            Gold Rush
4).    Barrow (Green Acres)            Wood Chopping
5).    Prudhoe Bay (Apache)            Inuit Life
6).    Fairbanks (Chapel)            Lost in Alaska (GPS / Orienteering)
7).    Anchorage (Seneca)            “to build a fire”
8).    Kodiak Island (Cheyenne)        First Aid
9).    Dutch Harbor (Water Front)        Deadliest Catch

1) Meet the Govenor
2) Jeopardy    you may want to brush up on your Alaskan…
3) Gold Rush    Hmmm… wonder what you get to do here???
4) Wood Chopping    Team demonstrates wood cutting skills.  Each team is given a log that they cut into fire wood to be used in final event. Team will then carry firewood with them until last event
5) Inuit Life    native skills
6) Lost in Alaska    new GPS / Orienteering course
7) “to build a fire”    the scout motto of “Be Prepared” comes into play
8) First Aid     An Unexpected Accident - The team is given a rescue or first aid scenario
9) Deadliest Catch    Time to do a little “fishing” expedition… just don’t expect the ordinary…

“Settling in for the winter” Afternoon Event
Setting Up Camp for the night - Team demonstrates how to properly set up a camp site.  Each team member must have accommodations, ie. sleeping bag & tent space. Timed event
Build a Fire for cooking…
Camp Fire Cooking - Team builds a fire using "no trace left behind" method from wood they prepared at Cutting Up event.  They cook for each team member (item provide) Timed Event Leave No Trace - Team demonstrates leave no trace method and packs out.  

Closing event will take place as soon as last event clears last check-point and scores are tallied.

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