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A new American landmark for Scouting

I am so proud of our Board and its officers for the tremendous vision they have displayed in developing plans for a National Scouting Center-a crown jewel of the Scouting landscape that will not only serve as the permanent home for the BSA's national jamboree; it's much more than that. This idea has evolved into a multipurpose, year-round destination for Scouting activities that, when finalized, will include a new high-adventure base and expanded opportunities for national leadership and outdoor skills training.

The spectacular natural beauty of the finalist sites in Virginia and West Virginia for this Scouting landmark takes your breath away. This is such a great, inclusive location within reach of so many of our Scouts.

In case you haven't heard, plans call for the placement of the permanent home of the BSA's national jamboree at Goshen Scout Reservation, Rockbridge County, Virginia, and the new high-adventure base in Fayette and Raleigh counties, West Virginia. We are proceeding with further investigation and negotiations with these two states in our Eastern Region to explore how all these great plans can come together.

What an incredible opportunity for the BSA! For our Board and its officers to have the guts and determination to live the true meaning of carpe diem-to seize the day and capture our destiny-makes such a bold statement about the great adventures that lay ahead for Scouting.

It could have been so easy-and understandably so-to step back and say "no way, not in this economy," but that didn't happen. Our Board didn't let that happen, and that's what's so refreshing and invigorating about this endeavor. This will be one of the greatest moments in Scouting history when the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed to "seal the deal" and move this great project from vision to reality.

This was an important step-a glorious, history-making, important step-but there is still much work to be done. I hope you will all join me to embrace the excitement surrounding what a National Scouting Center will mean to our organization and the young people we serve.

This is all about the 100 years in our future and how we are stepping out smartly to deliver the promise.

How's the energy?

Bob Mazzuca
National Scout Executive
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