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Yukon Race Guidebook & Event Details Print
Tuesday, January 17 2012, 8:00am - 5:00pm


Yukon Race Guidebook & Event Details









Event date: January 21, 2012







Dear Scouter:


The Yukon Race is on again!   Many brave scouts raced for the title last year but do you have it in you to do it again?  The gold is out there and any Patrol can win! This year’s race is will be similar to last year’s event.  The year is 1897 and the gold rush in Canada’s Yukon Territory has begun!  The team’s mission is to visit each station or “town” and work the activity to earn gold nuggets from the “town mayor” while trying to complete the race as fast as possible! 

            Please take the time to read the attached booklet and become familiar with its contents.  The rules, events, and structure are slightly different than last year so please review it thoroughly.


Notable changes from last year:

  • If a Patrol does not have the material or runs out of the material needed to complete a “town activity”, they can buy the material from the mayor using their “gold nuggets”.
  • Patrols will be required to get signatures from town mayors to insure all patrols are taking the proper route.  Routes have been simplified to also alleviate this problem.
  • Winter camping training will be given during the race.  Also round table discussions about Program on the council level will follow.  All adult leaders are encouraged to attend.
  • Special attention will be given to adults who escort their patrols.  Any adults caught assisting their patrols in the race whether it is pulling the sled or completing the activities will be disqualified.  If you want to beat the temptation… coming to the training and roundtable discussion!


As we have done in the past we will have a shotgun start at 9:00AM on Saturday.  Camping is encouraged Friday night but not required.  No program is provided Friday night and troops must make provisions for meals.  Additional reminders:

Food will not be provided.  Patrols are to pack their lunches.  Hot chocolate and coffee will be available in the dining hall after the race and for adult training.

Section 3 lists the recommended equipment as well as the equipment needed for the events.  HOWEVER patrols are not limited to that material.  Additional material can be brought but you may or may not be able to use it depending on the event.  Some events are based on limited resources and some will be based on being prepared.  It’s a gamble but it’s yours to make. 

            Each Troop is required to provide two-deep adult leadership as required under scouting guidelines and we will also use and need extra help staffing the stations and other required areas throughout the day.  Eagle Scouts not participating in the Yukon Race are encouraged to volunteer to help out at the stations or scoring. 

We will also need some volunteers for sled registration, scoring and hospitality crew for the Towns. For information on how to volunteer please contact Steve Herron at the information provided below.

            Don’t be afraid to ask questions prior to the event. Having your Patrols prepared will help make this event fun for all. Any questions should be addressed to Steve Herron at 304-777-9952 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

                                                                                    Yours in Scouting

                                                                                    Pat Bowen

                                                                                                Yukon Territory Governor


Saturday, January 21, 2012

THE EVENT WILL BE HELD RAIN, SNOW, OR SHINE. NO ALTERNATE DATE WILL BE SET. Cancellation, if necessary, will be broadcast by WVAQ (101.9 FM) by 7:00 AM on Saturday.


Check-in  7:30 to 8:30 AM.  Ends 4:00PM


Camp Mountaineer, Cub Scout Pavilion


All Patrol Leaders must arrive with their patrol members and sled by 8:30 AM and report to the cub scout pavilion for registration and initial inspection. All Towns will open promptly at 9:00 AM. NOTE: Vehicles must stay at the top of the hill unless camping overnight.


Not less than 4 or more than 10 boys per Patrol. One Scout is to be the driver; all remaining Scouts pull the sled. If a patrol has less than 4 boys, they will be combined with another patrol.


$7 per person






7:30 – 8:30 AM


8:45 – 8:50 AM


9:00 AM


3:00 PM

Race Ends

3:30 – 4:00 PM

Awards and closing






1.    Fee for the Race is $7.00 per person.  The fee will include a Yukon Race patch, hot beverages at the Dining hall, program material, and insurance costs.

2.    $2.00 late fee per person will be assessed at the door for those who do not preregister and pre-pay by the COB January 6th, 2012

3.    For emergency reasons, we require that at least 2 adult leaders per Troop (one of whom must be over the age of 21) remain on Camp property during the Race.

4.    Patches and awards will be given at the closing of the event.

5.    Adult leaders should not be in the station areas, unless assigned, while Patrols are competing.  Troop Leaders are NOT to be involved in scoring their own troop’s patrols.  Failure to comply can cause a loss of points for the Patrol.  To volunteer at a station call Steve Herron at the information provided.  Adult leaders are strongly encouraged to help staff the stations.

6.    If a Patrol fails to complete the trail they must check with a station judge BEFORE leaving Camp to confirm withdrawal and leaving. 

7.    Patrols must follow trails and/or roads to reach all stations. Pushing, shoving, harassing, blocking, or hindering any other patrol will not be tolerated.  As always, proper Scout conduct is expected throughout this event

8.    Be prepared for all stations, additional material for the stations will be provided but at a cost to the final score.  Everything should be “packed in” by your sled team.

9.    In the event of someone getting hurt, you should contact the nearest Town adult.  There will be medical personnel on site.


2.    RULES


1.    This is a race and the entire event is timed.  There will be a shot gun start and a finish line.  


a.    All possible course routes will be written down and placed on 3x5 cards

b.    Each patrol will draw their course.  This will happen immediately after the patrol checks in on a first come first serve basis.

c.    The patrol must keep the course route on them at all times and present the route to each town mayor for signature before participating in the event.

3.    Sled rules are discussed in Section 4.

4.    There will be a total of 7 stations or “towns”

5.    Each town will host an event and be scored based on 3 items:

a.    Skill Level – The quality of the events final outcome and how it was accomplished

b.    Group Participation – Were multiple people involved or did one or two scouts complete the task on their own?  Was delegation and leadership skills used?

c.    Scout Spirit – Was there fighting and yelling amongst the patrol or did they work together to accomplish the task? Did they seem cheerful and glad to be there?

6.    Each of the three event items will be given on a scale of 1 to 5 points or “gold nuggets” with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent.  Each event will total 15 gold nuggets.  If a patrol cannot complete the event, the maximum they can receive is 7 gold nuggets. 

7.    All gold nuggets given by the event judges (town mayors) are final.

8.    It is the responsibility of the Patrol leader to confirm the town mayor checks you in and gives you the proper golden nuggets. 

9.    LUNCH

a.    Patrols are to pack their own lunches on their sled along with any material necessary to cook it. (See the equipment section for special note with fuel)

b.    Patrols will eat lunch after completing their 4th town.  They must eat at that location so the mayor of that town can give you a score.  The patrol will be REQUIRED to stay in the town for 30 minutes for lunch.  The mayor will give 10 min, 3 min, and 30 second countdown.

c.    Patrols must have a “hot lunch” using a back packing stove or hobo stove.

d.    Failure to meet these requirements will result in a 15 nugget penalty.

10.  Finish

a.    Patrol and their sled (not just the patrol) must cross the finish line to complete the race.

b.    Those patrols that do not finish the race cannot win the race no matter the total gold nuggets received.

c.    The race ends at 3:00PM.  The only exception is if only 2 patrols have crossed the finish line by 3:00PM.  In that case, the race doesn’t end until a 3rd patrol cross the finish line or 4:00PM, whichever comes first.

11.  Scores

a.    Once a patrol’s sled crosses the finish line, the time will be recorded.

b.    The patrol will turn in their gold nuggets to the banker who will take the patrol’s total number of golden nuggets from all 7 events and subtract it from 105 (the maximum amount of nuggets possible).

c.    For each missing gold nugget (each nugget they didn’t receive at a station) a 4 min penalty is given to the final time.

d.    The patrol with the shortest time wins!


            The Carthage patrol crosses the finish line at 12:14PM.  They left the start line at 9:00AM so their total time is only 3 hours 14 min.  After scores are tallied they received a total of 55 nuggets because they weren’t prepared, didn’t show scout spirit, and thought they could just run through the competition to finish first.  Take 55 nuggets and subtract it from 105 possible and you get 50.  50 missing nuggets at 4 min per missing nugget is 200 minutes.  The new time for the Carthage patrol is 6 hours 34 min.

            The Roman Empire patrol crosses the finish line just at 3:00PM.  They left the start line at 9:00AM so their total time is the maximum amount of 6 hours 0 min.  After scores are tallied they received a total of 100 nuggets because they are made up of Vigil Eagle Scouts who prepared for a month in the snow.  Take 100 nuggets and subtract it from 105 possible and you get 5.  5 missing nuggets at 4 min per missing nugget is 20 minutes.  The new time for the Roman Empire patrol is 6 hours 20 min.

            Rome wins.

12.  Tie Breakers – Tie breaker bonuses will be assessed at the end of the race only in tie breaking situations and not simply to better each patrol’s time. Tie break bonuses will be determined as follows:

a.    Camping out in tent Friday night                                             -4 min

b.    75% Unit Participation based on Registered Membership     -4 min

c.    For each First Year Scout in attendance                                -1 min

            If a tie is still in place, a coin will be flipped where the troop designated by the territory governor or his designee shall call it.






  • Mess Kit and eating utensils for each Scout
  • Rain/snow gear
  • BSA Folding pocketknife (NO FIXED BLADES ALLOWED, ONLY FOLDING BSA 3 3/8” max blade or less)
  • Cold weather clothing, gloves and cap, extra pair of socks in coat pocket
  • Weatherproof shoes or boots






  • Water
  • Patrol cooking gear
  • Hobo stove with firewood/charcoal or backpacking stove (for cooking lunch)
  • Lunch for each member
  • Patrol first aid kit
  • Sled repair kit
  • Water jug(s) to hold 2 gallons of water
  • Watch
  • Paper/mechanical pencil or regular pencils, clipboard within a plastic bag (Pens may freeze)
  • Complete roster of all Scouts




  • Qty 8 – 10 ft pieces of Rope
  • Patrol Flag
  • Minimum of 2 compasses
  • Hand Axe
  • BSA Handbook
  • 2 blanket – full size minimum
  • Matches
  • Qty 6 – 5 ft poles (walking staff/ mop handle thickness and strength)
  • 6 triangle bandages
  • Bow saw
  • 2 splints
  • Glow stick
  • .22 Targets on 8.5 x 11” paper.  Minimum 3
  • Roll of toilet paper



Sleds can be made in all sorts of styles and shapes as the patrol desires.  The only requirements for the sled are:

a.    Sled must weigh 50 pounds empty minimum.  There will be scales at registration.  If the sled is found to be less than 50 pounds, weight will be added to the sled and must be presented at the end of the race. 

b.    Sled must have rope for the sled to be pulled

c.    Sled can NOT have wheels, moveable treads, or any other means of assist in moving the sled.  If a sled is brought with wheels, they must be removed.  If the wheels cannot be removed, the patrol cannot participate.


Sled repair kits for your particular sled is highly recommended as the rugged trails of Camp Mountaineer can take a toll on the sled… especially if there is no snow. 


Below are 3 examples of sled designs:




If commercial skis are used as runners, they should be reinforced with a 1” x 4” or heavier boards (preferably oak or other hardwood).  Sleds should have wire or cloth on the sides to prevent the loss of Patrol gear.  Side rails make lifting of the sled easier over ditches or logs. The drawing of the sled below should only be used as a guide by the patrols in designing their personal sleds.


TIPS:         Use screws instead of nails.  Drill screw holes first to avoid splitting wood.  Varnish the bottom of the runner if you use wood, and then wax it up before the derby.  If you wish, add wire netting or a canvas snow curtain to hold the patrol gear on the sled.  Old skis may be available free from ski shops for the asking.  Countersink and metal screw skis to bottom rail. 


Secure the towing bridle firmly so that the "huskies" don't become separated from the sled.





















A.         2 pieces           2"x6"x6'6"        runners.

B.         4 pieces           2"x2"x18"        cross supports.

B1.       1 piece             2"x2"x20"        cross support.

C.        4 pieces           1/2"x4"x5'        floor planks.

D.        2 pieces           1"x2"x40"        rear uprights.

E.         2 pieces           1"x2"x31"        second rear upright.

F.         2 pieces           1"x2"x22"        second front upright.

G.        2 pieces           1"x2"x18"        front uprights.

H.        2 pieces           1"x2"x6'           hand rails.

I.          1 piece             1"x4"x16"        tow bar.

J.         1 piece              1"x2"x20"        handlebar



January 21, 2012

Camp Mountaineer

Schedule of Events:


7:30-8:30 AM             Check-in

8:45 AM                      Welcome/Introductions

9:00 AM                      Events start (shotgun start)

3:00 PM                      Events end

3:30-4:00 PM              Awards and Closing



            Tie Breaker Bonuses:

                        Camping out in tent Friday night                                           -4 min

                        75% Unit Participation based on Registered Membership     -4 min

                        For each First Year Scout in attendance                                 -1 min


NOTE: Please see the Yukon Race Booklet for complete details, materials required, and other information! 



Great Yukon Race Registration Form                   

January 21, 2012                    


Pack / Troop / Crew #_____________                         Number of Patrols_____________


Unit Contact Name ___________________________ Phone ____________________________

e-mail address _________________________________________________________________


Name of Patrols___________________________________________________

Campsite Requested: 1st Choice___________  2nd Choice___________  3rd Choice___________


Early Bird Fees

Number of Youth Attending _________  (x $7.00) = __________                Remember to bring a

Number of Adults Attending _________  (x $7.00) = __________                current copy of your

Late Payment Fees                                                                                           BSA Annual Health

Number of Youth Attending _________  (x $9.00) = __________                and Medical Record

Number of Adults Attending _________  (x $9.00) = __________                with you to all events.


                                                            Total Enclosed  __________

Visa / MasterCard / Discover   Name (as it appears on the card) _________________________________  

             Circle one                   Number ________-________-________-________

                                    Expiration date ____/____  CVC code  __________

                                    Billing Address ______________________________________________




Troop Number                                   


Patrol Name                                                                                                   





Scout Name

Totin’ Chip (circle Y or N)

Fireman Chit (circle Y or N)

PL -

Y       N

Y       N


Y       N

Y       N


Y       N

Y       N


Y       N

Y       N


Y       N

Y       N


Y       N

Y       N


Y       N

Y       N


Y       N

Y       N


Y       N

Y       N


Y       N

Y       N


Y       N

Y       N


Y       N

Y       N

Total youth in patrol:






NOTE: for troops entering more than 1 patrol, please copy this page and fill out for each patrol entering the event.
Yukon Race Overnight Camping Ros­­­­ter

If you plan to camp out Friday night before the race, please fill out the names of all adults and youth. Turn this page in to John Carder when you check in for the weekend.


TROOP# __________        Total Adults Camping _____      Total Scouts Camping _____




Youth or Adult