March 18th Jamboree 2013 Parents & Scout Meeting




There will be a Parents and Scout Meeting on Sunday, March 18, 2012 at 2 pm at Gateway United Methodist Church.  This meeting is for all Scouts who are going to the 2013 Jamboree at the SUMMIT.  We have currently one troop fill and working on the second.   

If you are interested in going to the very first Jamboree at the new Summit you must sign up now and attend this meeting.  Payments are $100 per month towards the $1300 fee for the Jamboree, and by this meeting you should have paid $300.  The Council will have to pay a fee to National Council on March 31, 2012, for all Jamboree members going to the 2013 Jamboree. This meeting the Parents and Scouts will be presented with what will be needed and dates that the Scouts must attend for the training.  They will learned about what forms, equipment, and what will be at the first Jamboree at the Summit.

This Jamboree we are sending two troops and possiblly one venture crew.  If you want to go you must sign up now to be added to these groups.  After they are filled you will be placed on the standby list.  Standby list only goes when one of the members of the troops or venture crew can not attend.

2.  This year we also will be going to the go to the SUMMIT on April 14, 2012 for a national promotional video for the SUMMIT.   The Scouts and Leaders will be given the chance to join this group at the parents and Scout meeting.  Requirements will be to be paid up by the meeting ($300 of your fees), be present, and be able to go to the SUMMIT on April 14, 2012.  You will be taken down by bus to the SUMMIT and be filmed while there.  Lunch will be provided.  We are working on getting the bus fees waived for this trip, all details and costs will be given at the meeting.

3.  The council has been selected to send a troop and venture crew to the SUMMIT SHAKEDOWN on July 13-17, 20112.  The cost will be $300 per Scout and per Leader.  This will test the readiness of the Jamboree for 2013.  Contingents will help the Jaboree test the campsite setup, test the food distribution process and time Scouts as they go between program venues.  While not all Jamboree features will be ready, there WILL be white-water rafting among the many activites Will be available.  The Scouts will have a great time and their input will be very valuable.  NOTE:  This is not the JAMBOREE 2013 troops or venture crew members.  You must also sign up for this Summit Shakedown at the Council office.  This list is also filling so call today to get on this list.

Three things to remember:

1.  Jamboree 2013 Parents and Scout Meeting on March 18, 2012

2.  Promotional Video for Jamboree Leaders and Scouts at the SUMMIT will be selected during the Parents and Scout Meeting.  Must be paid up for the SUMMIT ($300 of your fees), be present, and willing to attend the event at the SUMMIT on April 14, 2012.

3.  Council is sending a troop and venture crew to the SUMMITT Shakedown on July 13-17, 2012.  If you want to go to this you must sign up for this event at the Council Office.  This is not the Jamboree 2013 Group.  If you wish to attend you must sign up for this group in addition to your Jamboree 2013 fees.


Jamboree Committee