Summer Camp Staff

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Program Director (Age 21 minimum) - Responsible for all camp special events and the oversight of program areas such as Aquatics, Shooting Sports, Ecology, Scoutcraft, COPE, Climbing-Rappelling, Mountain Man, Handicraft, and High Adventure.

Health Officer (Age 21 minimum plus applicable health care certification) - Responsible for camp health and safety practices, provides medical care for non-serious injuries on site, and maintains records relating to first aid and camp health practices. Is the custodian of prescription drugs for campers, as applicable.

Shooting Sports Director (Age 21 minimum) - Responsible for overall shooting range safety. Supervises staff and program relating to archery, rifle shooting, shotgun shooting, and other shooting range related programs.

Aquatics Director (Age 21 minimum) - Responsible for staff and program related to swimming, lifesaving, rowing, canoeing and small boat sailing. Responsibility for safe operation of all aquatic activities.

High Adventure Director (Age 21 minimum) - Responsible through the high adventure staff for challenging high adventure activities for older Scouts, including out-of-camp trek experiences.

Mountain Man Director (Age 21 minimum) - Responsible for basic (Tenderfoot through First Class Scout) outdoor skill instruction through the Mountain Man program.

COPE Director (Age 21 minimum) - Responsible through the COPE staff for the safety of all campers involved with the high ropes course, low course, and climbing tower.

Climbing and Rappelling Director (Age 21 minimum) - Responsible for the overall safety of all campers involved with the camp climbing and rappelling program as conducted on camp natural climbing areas and climbing tower.

Ecology Director (Age 18 minimum) - Responsible for the camp nature-conservation program including supervision of the ecology staff and operation of the Ecology Pavilion. Instruction areas include basic nature, weather, birds, conservation practices, wildlife management, astronomy, and study of insects, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals.

Scoutcraft Director (Age 18 minimum) - Responsible through Scoutcraft staff for instruction in basic outdoor skills such as camping, pioneering, outdoor cooking, wilderness survival, and use of camping tools and equipment.

Trading Post Manager (Age 18 minimum) - Responsible for overall operation of the camp trading post, to include sales, cash control, product inventory, and customer service.

Chaplain (Age 18 minimum) - Responsible for conducting formal all-faiths chapel service and for carrying out their religious assignment in accordance with the established pattern and beliefs of their faith.

Trail to Eagle Director (Age 16 minimum) - Responsible for instruction in Eagle required merit badges not offered in other areas.

Handicraft Director (Age 16 minimum) - Responsible for instruction of basketry, woodcarving, leatherwork, and similar merit badges.

Program Staff / Assistant Director or Instructor (Age 16 and 17) - Includes Scoutcraft, Aquatics, Shooting Sports, Ecology, Mountain Man, High Adventure Trek Leader, Handicraft, COPE, and Climbing/Rappelling.

Support Staff (Age varies) - Includes Assistant Chef, Dining Hall Steward, Kitchen Aide, Summer Ranger, and Media Specialist.

Counselor-in Training (CIT) (Age 14 and 15) - These staff members serve in a number of camp staff positions during the camping season. Food and housing is provided, but no salary is paid to CIT staff. Time is allowed to work on merit badges.

Note: Many of these are key leadership positions requiring specialized training and certification. Camp Mountaineer is willing to send these persons to National Camping School or to offer alternative training program to secure the required certification for that specific staff position. Please look over the Camp Mountaineer Code of Conduct (click to view) to better understand employment expectations for seasonal Camp Mountaineer staff.

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