Cub Membership Recruitment

The following resources are for pack leaders to use for Cub Scout Recruitment. If you are interested in joining Scouting, please visit to view units in your area.

Build An Adventure

National Marketing and Membership Hub: Pack and Den Recruiting

The Marketing and Membership Hub is a resource to help you serve more youth in your area. From recruiting ideas to social media best practices, the Hub provides a one-stop resource to discover, activate, and improve your marketing and recruiting strategy.

PowerPoint presentation for packs: Welcome to Cub Scouting

This template provides the basic information for starting a new Pack or providing information to new parents interested in joining an existing pack. Note: Slide 5 requires a change to put in the Pack number; you may also want to modify the focus for your pack. Slide 18 has costs for joining that your unit will need to modify.

Scouting Fall Kickoff Presentation: Let's Build an Adventure: 2016 Cub Scout Recruitment & Lion Pilot Introduction

Build an Adventure Marketing

The Build an Adventure campaign, with its inviting, aspirational, and fun imagery helps parents understand that Scouting makes the most of the little time they have to impact the lives of their children, while appealing to youth using fun, family, and friends. Use either of the following links for campaign resources.

  1. National Recruitment Campaign: Build an Adventure
  2. BSA Brand Center: Build an Adventure

Build an Adventure Videos

The following videos are available for download from the BSA Brand Center.

  1. Checklist
  2. Scouting Construction Zone
  3. STEM
  4. Scouting Testimonial - Michelle
  5. Lion Promotional Video

All Scouting Testimonial Videos

Unit Packets

The resources and information handed out to pack leaders during the Scouting Fall Kickoff.

  1. Lion Pilot Unit Contract
  2. Pack Fall Recruitment Survey
  3. Unit Membership Plans - online resources
  4. Unit Membership Chairman Checklist - Running a Successful Recruitment Night
  5. Fall Recruiting Flyer Order Form
  6. Sample Flyer
  7. Pin Updates - Enable potential scouts to find you
  8. Press Release Strategies
  9. Recruitment Night Sign-In Sheets
  10. 2016 Journey to Excellence form - Copy for unit reference. Due with rechartering in December.