Career Aviation Exploring Post has Taken Off!!

A local group of aviation professionals have joined together to start an Aviation Explorer Post in Morgantown. This group includes pilots, airport managers, WVU aerospace faculty members, air traffic controllers, flight school operators, and many others associated with the aviation field.

The Aviation Explorer Post meets on the second Thursday of each month, and each meeting will provide a hands-on exposure to some element of the aviation industry. It is open for ages 14-20. The diversity of topics would include: piloting, ballooning, aerodynamic research at WVU wind tunnel labs, airport management, air-traffic control, aircraft maintenance and repair, search and rescue, and military aviation career opportunities.

Program will include examining various types of aircraft including balloons, flight simulators, airport fire and rescue equipment and engage in other hands-on activities. It will be fun and educational. But, this is just the start. Each month, additional areas will be visited. This includes the WVU Department of Aerospace Engineering wind tunnels, involvement with the local balloon festival, and a closer exposure to aircraft and airport operations. This is a great opportunity to learn how diverse the field of aviation really is, and the career options it provides!

Dues for joining the Aviation Explorer Post are $24, which will be valid through the entire year of 2016. It will include insurance during all post activities. Checks should be brought to the Open House payable to “MAC-BSA”. In addition, an application form must be submitted, and if you are under 18 years of age, it must include the signature of a parent or legal guardian.

The next meeting will be at the Airport Rescue and Firefighting Facility (immediately to the right of the control tower) at Morgantown Municipal Airport on Thursday, January 14, at 7 to 8:30 pm.

Join us, and bring with you: 
1) A friend
2) Explorer Application Form
3) $24 Dues check for 2016

Application Forms are available from your school Career Counselor or online:

Questions: Dr. Van F. Anderson    
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it        
Cell: 304-288-0264

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